Welcome to the Light Library, featuring books that invite you into the light of your soul. We're all travelers through this earth experience we call life. As we journey though our experiences, it's important to remember who we truly are: Powerful, spiritual beings of light. I'm glad your journey has brought you here. This library vibrates to a higher frequency, a dimension of spirit. I hope my books will be helpful to you as you travel on your spiritual journey through life.

A Gift From Your Spirit

You're given a gift from your spirit, a treasure more priceless and valuable than any other the physical world has to offer...

You hear a soft, whooshing sound above you as a book, sparkling with light, lands softly beside you. Picking it up, thinking it's a gift from the universe, you wonder what's inside.

Somehow you know this book contains the story of your soul. Flipping through the pages, the words become images... they become moving pictures that begin to fill in with colors and details; they become more vivid and descriptive the more you place you attention and awareness on them.

The pictures tell you the story of your life and show you the many different experiences of your soul. With every page you turn, the book grows in volume and size as more pages are added, showing you the many different aspects of your soul, and the many avenues and directions your soul has traveledthe paths it has followed and the journeys it has taken.

It seems as if the book is writing itself as you read it, but you know you have the power to edit and revise this book, to write and rewrite it any way you choose. It describesin vibrant, illuminating images and wordsthe dearest and most private wishes and hopes in your heart. It offers you stories, parables, and proverbssome symbolic and some literal.

This book of knowledge shows you many insights into your soul as it offers you images of journeys you've taken and glimpses of journeys your soul will travel in the future. It contains possibilities and probabilities, and shares with you various imprints of experiences yet to be as it offers you choices as to how you'd like to shape and sculpt the future.

It invites you to listen to your thoughts and feelings, and to look within your mind, heart, and soulinto your imaginationto write and rewrite the past, present, and futureto change your feelings and experiences with a slight stroke of your thoughts and a soft touch of your emotions.

This magical, mystical book is a gift from your spirita treasure of truthgiven to you to open and read your spiritual knowledge, your inner knowing, and to write the story of your soul.

Excerpted from Inner Journeys.

Echoes of Light

 Echoes of Light is a box set offering two books ~ Inner Journeys: Meditations and Guided Visualizations and Whispers Beyond the Rainbow: Awakening Your Spiritual Self.

Inner Journeys offers you a quiet, peaceful, tranquil time to tune into your inner self and your soul. The meditations invite you to travel into the many wonderful worlds within your heart, mind, and soul. Inside this book you'll find metaphysical, magical, mystical meditations that will inspire and empower you on your path of self-discovery and spiritual awareness. 

Whispers Beyond the Rainbow inspires you on a magical quest to reawaken your spiritual self. It invites you to travel on the wings of your spirit to explore the multidimensional realms within you and the worlds of the universe around you to remember who you truly are... a powerful, spiritual being of light.

Echoes of Light is available on Amazon.

Echoes of Time

Recently created a box set ~ Echoes of Time ~ which features two of my books on reincarnation... Past Life Journeys: Time Tripping Adventures Into Your Soul and Past Lives, Future Lives: Mirrors of Time.

Past Life Journeys offers time tripping adventures into your soul. It gives step-by-step directions, interwoven with an in-depth script, for remembering and re-experiencing the events in your past lives, as well as offering sidetracks and side tripsinteresting adventures and excursions to explore along the way. 

Past Lives, Future Lives looks at reincarnation from a simultaneous time-space perspective. It shows how the future interacts with and causes synchronous experiences in the present as it invites you to look through a mirror of time to see an expansive view of the past, the present, and the futureand how these time-spaces affect and alter one another.

Echoes of Time is available on Amazon.

Just Be Happy

Happiness is a wonderful gift you give to yourself and to others. Share your happiness with yourself and everyone around you.

If you're happy, everyone around you will be happy. You might think that this is too easy and wonder how it can be effective. It's a good question you can answer yourself. Think about it for a minute before you read the next paragraph.

When you're with a happy person, how do you feel? Happy! When you hear someone laugh, can you resist smiling or laughing along with them, even if you have no idea what they're laughing about?

 Every living thing radiates and emanates energy, and that energy affects everyone and everything. By simply being happy, you're radiating and emanating good vibes and joy in your thoughts and feelings, affecting other people in a happy, lighthearted way.

Send happy thoughts to yourself, and to everyone around you every day, all day, all the time. Spread a lot of good feelings of cheer and joy. Your joy is wonderfully powerful and goes a long way. Smile and just be happy!

Excerpted from Magical Mind, Magical Life.

Healing in Harmony

We all have a sacred ability within ourselves for healing and renewal. By reaching into and touching this place of harmony, we can experience true health in body, mind, and spirit. There are many ways to reach this place of health and harmony; the following meditation, Healing Nourishment, is one of them. Enjoy a wonderful healing journey through a rainfall of light...

Imagine you're walking outside on a pleasantly warm summer day, enjoying the light of the sunshine. You feel the warmth gently permeating your skin; you feel as if you're absorbing the light within yourself.

You feel a wonderful sense of peace and harmony within you. You're completely enjoying being outside and breathing in the pure, clean air on this beautiful day that is filled with light.

You notice a few puffy white clouds that are filled with light, gently floating in the sky above you. You notice how they absorb the rays of light from the sun and how they reflect the light of the sun. You know these clouds are very special because they are filled with liquid drops of healing light.

 As the rain softly begins to fall, nourishing the earth, you notice how the rain gently caresses and cleanses the earth, healing and rejuvenating it. You listen to the gentle patter of the rain on the leaves of the trees and the bushes. You notice how the raindrops cling to the leaves, nourishing and renewing them.

You're completely enjoying this experience of walking in this very special healing rain. The rain feels like warm gentle kisses on your skin. You feel the light rain gently nourishing and healing you as it softly touches your skin. The soft raindrops somehow seem to enter inside you—inside your body, circulating through you, cleansing and healing you from the inside out.

Even as the rain continues to gently fall, the light from the sun emerges, showering you with light. Breathing in deeply, you bring the healing energies of light inside you, feeling the light healing every part of you. You know you have just been blessed with a beautiful gift—a shower of cleansing, healing rain that washed your heart, refreshed your mind, and bathed your soul. You feel a wonderful sense of being nourished and completely healed in body, mind, and spirit by this beautiful rainfall of liquid light.

Excerpted from Inner Journeys.

Today is a Great Day!

What you think and believe turns out to be what you experience. What you expect to happen, will happen.

Tell yourself that today is going to be a great day. No matter what happened yesterday, or what you have planned for today, or what you think may happen today, simply tell yourself, "Today is going to be a great day."  

Put your whole heart and soul into it. Say it with lots of positive feelings and an absolute belief in the truth of your statement. This sentence will create a great day for you. I guarantee it. If you're having a bad day, this simple sentence will turn it around. Try it and see what happens!

Excerpted from Magical Mind, Magical Life.

Spirit to Self

We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience. We decided it would be interesting to have an earth adventure to learn and experience new stuff, and grow our souls, so here we are.

As we journey through our earth experiences, it's important to remember who we truly are... powerful, spiritual beings of light, but sometimes we forget that, so this book offers some little reminders.

Spirit to Self reminds you of the true nature of your spiritof the love, light, joy, and harmony that is your spiritual birthright. There are also two special journeys that your spirit wants to take you on... to offer you gifts and to help you recognize the light within yourself. Think of this book as pages from the spiritual owner's manual you forgot to bring with you when you decided to have a physical experience. Read more...

The Reality of Reincarnation

What if you woke up and found yourself reincarnated into a new lifetime on earth?

The last thing Amanda ever wanted to do was to experience another lifetime on earth.

She can't remember who she is—or even who she was before—and a shadowy image of an old bearded man keeps wavering through her thoughts.

Maybe it isn't real. Maybe it's just a dream. Maybe she doesn't have to reincarnate this time.

Then she hears a whisper—a voice that is strangely familiar, echoing through the winds of time—inviting her inside a shimmering rainbow.

Somewhere Inside the Rainbow offers a magical rainbow journey for a soul who is reluctant to reincarnate. 

Prequel to Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ a visionary novel about the reality of reincarnation that offers a lighthearted look into the ups and downs of being spiritual in a physical world.